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Great Britain’s,


The, “Statute in Force/Bill of Rights 1689/

“The Said Rights Claimed”


“The Said Rights Claimed”:

“And they do Claime Demand and Insist upon all and singular The Premises as their undoubted Rights and Liberties and that noe Declarations Judgements Doeings or Proceedings to the Prejudice of the People, in any of the said Premises, ought in any wise to be drawne hereafter, into Consequence or Example”

It is widely believed by ‘The People’ at large, (and, promoted, by all the ‘elite’ and the ‘establishment’ existing, in the country); that, Great Britain does not have a “Written Constitution”. But, that is wholly untrue. The mere correct reading of British history reveals that, Great Britain does have a “Written Constitution. It is, “The People’s Written Protection Constitution” as, recorded, and, as is entrenched in “English Law”, set out in the “Bill of Rights 1689”.

The paragraph, “The Said Rights Claimed” (as shown above) is the ultimate authority of entire “Bill of Rights 1689”, for it states within its text that it has the commanding authority over all the “Premises” of the Bill. And, this paragraph specifically instructs Parliament, that when Parliament applies or ‘enacts’ any of the “Premises” of the Bill;

 Noe Declarations Judgements Doeings or Proceedings to the Prejudice of the People, in any of the said Premises, ought in any wise to be drawne hereafter, into Consequence or Example”

This is ‘The People’s’  “Written Constitution” providing and protecting them from the tyranny of the ‘abuse’ and the ‘prejudice’ of Parliament.

In stark vivid ‘written evidence’ it clearly and emphatically states that in everything Parliament ‘says’ or ‘does’ nothing, “OUGHT PREJUDICE THE PEOPLE”.


The political party WHIPS in parliament in instructing ‘elected’ Members of Parliament on how they should or must vote on the issues presented to Parliament, for the vote; overrules and supplants all rightful ‘influence’ placed upon those Members, by the Constituents. This results in the “Prejudice of the People”. Therefore and, thereby, the WHIPS in Parliament flout and breach “The Said Rights Claimed”, verifying that the WHIPS in Parliament, has no true legality at all.

1.   The political party WHIPS in parliament should be abolished immediately.

2.   The Judiciary must now end their ‘conspiracy’ denying “The People” of their right to test, question, or challenge the ‘abuses’ of Parliament in the courts, ruling that, “Article 9” of the “Bill of Rights 1689” prevents all legal challenge. When this “CONSTITUTION” verifies that, anyone is free to challenge Parliament, from within law; whenever Parliament, “Prejudice the People”.

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Laws and Bills are being created and passed by the British Parliament today in exactly the same way as Adolf Hitler created his ‘own laws’ in Nazi Germany. But, Hitler, had the true legality for doing this.

Adolf Hitler, warned the whole world what he would do when he secured the power to govern; in speeches throughout Germany he declared that he, “would use the democratic process in order to secure the power to govern”, but, on achieving that power, he said, “heads would roll” and he, “would create his own laws”. The first thing that Hitler did when he was appointed the Chancellor of Germany, was to present to the ‘Reichstag’ (The German Parliament) his “Enabling Act”, which allowed him to create his own law. That, ‘democratic parliament’, voted to pass that "Enabling Act", into law, voting 441 votes to 94. By that vote of the German ‘Reichstag’ declared on the, 23 March 1933, the “German Third Reich” was born. With all the terrible aftermath that followed.

The British Government’s also, have had their own ‘Enabling Act’; the political party WHIPS in Parliament; instructing Members of Parliament, on they must vote.

Yet, the ‘WHIPS’ in Parliament, has no legality at all.
The "Bill of Rights 1689" is one of the cleverest pieces of legislation and 'LAW' that has ever been created. For, it has been so created and constructed that it protects the 'Bill' itself, from ever being abolished or even amended. Any attempt of parliament to alter the 'Bill of Rights 1689' in any way or, 'remove the people's protection' afforded by the 'Bill' in the paragraph, "The Said Rights Claimed"; would, prejudice the people. And, 'prejudice of the people' is proscribed by, "The Said Rights Claimed".

Thus, parliament cannot even propose the use of the political party WHIPS, in parliament; in order to secure the approval 'vote' of parliament for that objective; because, the mere 'proposition' would "Prejudice the People", and, flout and breach, "The Said Rights Claimed".






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